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Welcome to the [new] Mologogo!

Since 2005 Mologogo has provided free GPS tracking for thousands of enthusiasts in millions of locations (service limited to Earth, sorry!).

Are you already using Mologogo? Check out our migration information on our redesigned blog.

How does it work? You can get a low-cost pay-as-you-go phone, install Mologogo, and use the phone's built-in GPS to tell us where you are, and we'll show your spot on a map for everyone (or just anyone you want to share with).

If you've already got a smartphone with GPS, such as a Windows Mobile phone or Blackberry, then you can do the same thing - install software, make an account, make sure you have a good data plan on your phone - and off you go. We're working on new versions for the iPhone, Android and Nokia phones, too!

Take a look at the public Mologogo users on the map (above).

Use Mologogo to:
  • See where you are and where you've been
  • See where your friends are - and let them see you
  • Keep track of employees, and vehicles
  • Share your location on your own blogs or web pages
  • And whatever else you dream up...

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Need more Information? Check out the links below, but bear in mind, we're updating all this info to match the new (and better) site and software!