No download needed!

In order to use most GPS and mapping software, you're required to download and install an app from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store - which requires that you maintain an account with a credit card on file. Then, in order to share your location with others, they need to undertake a similar procedure on their device. Even if you rely on seemingly free services built into your phone's operating system, coordinating with others (who may have a different phone or a different application) can get messy and complex.

Mologogo is (now) purely browser-based, so if you're able to read this page on your phone -- you're able to use it right away without installing anything new.

When Mologogo is able to find your location (either using your GPS or by alternate means), you are able to share your location with others through your favorite ways to contact them (via text message, email, other apps, etc.) with a link that share your live location on a map.