How to GPS Track A Phone


How does the phone know where it is?
The simplest example is when you use location services, such as pulling up a map to get directions, the phone will do it's best to identify your location so that it can provide accurate navigation. Location services are often based on the phone's GPS sensor, but if that is unavailable for any reason, your phone may lookup your location based on your wifi connection or your nearest cellphone tower, which can vary greatly in accuracy. Even GPS, while usually highly accurate, can be incorrect, especially in areas where a clear view of the sky (and thus, the satellite signal needed to find your position) is obscured by tall buildings, or by simply being indoors.

How do I find out where a phone is, when I'm not at the same place?
Now that the phone knows where it is, how do you find out about it? It turns out sharing this location information is where it gets a bit trickier. If you'd like to know where someone else is

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